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The Berserker Attack deals 1.0x total damage to all enemies. In it Gau approaches Dario from behind, grabs him by his ankles, spins him around, and then throws him at his enemies. When Dario lands there is a mild explosion and Dario is stuck face first in the ground.

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SIV Gau Portrait
SIV Dario Portrait



  • This is one of 3 combo attacks in this game that can mess up. The other two are Family Attack (Suikoden IV) and True Ninja Attack. In this one after Gau throws Dario instead of sailing toward and landing on the enemy, Dario gets thrown high into the sky and becomes a tiny white dot because he just kept going.
  • Suikoden I has a similar unite attack called Bumpy attack, with Humphrey and Krin, where Humphrey uses Krin as a weapon and chucks him into an enemy.

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