Bazba is the Tenritsu Star in Suikoden III.



Bazba is a gallant warrior from the Lizard Clan. He assists the current Chief Dupa with Shiba. His handsome appearance attracts many female lizards; they also made a fan club for him.




Role in the GameEdit

Joins automatically in Chapter 4.

Because Bazba is the only Lizard to acquire a second rune slot, it is tempting to give him a physical rune right off the bat. However, the player can also give him the Sunbeam Rune and equip him with the Blood Armor so that he can enjoy the perks of the armor's increased parameters while completely circumventing the downside of losing fifteen HP a round. This gives him a powerful edge and allows him to do even more damage since by comparison, he's not nearly as strong as his fellow clansmen Shiba and Dupa (though he is still more powerful than most human characters).

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Swing B
Accuracy A
Damage B+
Repel B
Armor Protect B+
Holy Dash B

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Freeze B+

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Fire Magic B
Water Magic B+
Wind Magic B
Earth Magic B+
Lightning Magic B
Magic Resistance B
Sword of Magic B+

Character Statistics
HP 729
LVL 1 -
LVL 2 -
LVL 3 -
LVL 4 -
LVL 99 EX 999
PWR 189 SKL 189
MGC 168 REP 188
PDF - MDF 168
SPD 188 LUC 188

Starting Equipment Recommended Equipment
Head Blessed Casque
Body Blessed Chain Mail
Power Gloves
Iron Boots
Teriyaki Chicken x4

Bazba can particapte in both the Triangle Strike and the Adonis (Handsome Clan) attacks.

Weapon Growth
Name Anura Yu Anura Naha Cindy Anura
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 8 23 37 52 66 81 95 121 135 149 162 176 190 218 234 250

Bazba can make excellent use of physical runes such as a Hazy Rune or a Counter Rune, as well as any of the elemental Sword of Magic runes.

One of the most handsome actors in the Lizard Clan. Female lizards scream for him.

I'm Bazba, of the Lizard Clan. I'm an assistant of Chief Dupa. I'll show you the power of our clan.

Members of my clan say they want an elevator. They want to see whether the clan can use it.

Some people asked me how to tell men from women among the Lizard Clan. Can't you tell by a glance?

I was going to take Koroku for a walk, but, seeing my face, he ran away. Rude dog.

People at the theater said I have acting talent. There are humans who have an eye for this.

A gallant warrior in the Lizard Clan. He assists Chief Dupa with Shiba.

The three members of the Lizard Clan seem to fight better when they are together in battle.

He is really popular with his fan club. I wonder it the scales?

He is very good at swimming. He came in first at the Lizard Clan Swim Meet. He moves his tail very well.


  • Bazba is the only Lizard clansman of the playable trio who can use magic. However, when his next slot opens up, the player will find they can't equip him with another spellcasting rune. The reason is because Bazba is programmed primarily as a knight/warrior type and characters under this classification cannot be given the typical spellcasting runes like Fire or Water (another example would include Borus of the Zexen Knights). However, as a special exception, Bazba does have a Cyclone Rune that cannot be removed because the developers wanted him to be unique among the playable Lizards, who are essentially powerhouses. In this regard, Bazba can be considered the "mage" among the three, but he still functions better as a strong attacker.
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