Suikoden IVEdit

Barrage attack needs 2 male and one female. It deals 0.4x total damage(lv.1) to all enemies. In it the three archers put their bows together and form a ball of energy. Then all three fire shot after shot making numerous hits to all enemies.

Note: Leveling one group's Barrage Attack does not level another group's Barrage Attack. Each combination must be leveled individually.

Required MembersEdit

SIV Ted Portrait

Optional MembersEdit

SIV Flare Portrait
Flare En Kuldes
SIV Aldo Portrait
SIV Frederica Portrait
SIV Lo Hak Portrait
Lo Hak

Suikoden TacticsEdit

Effect: Power 90
Special Notes: None
Enemy/Ally distinction: Yes
Delay until usable: Medium

Required MembersEdit

STactics Flare Portrait
Flare En Kuldes
STactics Frederica Portrait
ST Seneca Portrait2


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