Current Owner: Leknaat
Past Owner: Gate Rune Clan

The Back Gate Rune is one of the halves of the Gate Rune, separated by Windy and Leknaat. After Leknaat teleported away from the destruction of her clan, she eventually escaped to the Magician's Isle, creating powerful wards to protect herself from anyone who wished to take her rune. Her greatest threat, ironically, ended up being Windy. During the final battle of the Gate Rune Wars, Leknaat used her Back Gate Rune to send Windy's monster troops back to the "World of Emptiness." However, her power alone was too weak to send all of them back, requiring the help of Joshua Levenheit's Dragon Rune for complete success.

In Suikoden III, Leknaat attempted to use this rune to prevent Luc from carrying out his plan to destroy his True Wind Rune. However, Luc easily deflected the attack and stated that she could never defeat him with an incomplete rune.