"He is a general of the Second Mage Company of the Magedom of Janam's army."
Suikoden Tierkreis Digital Artbook Description

Asad is the Chimou Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.

Asad is a former general from the Magedom of Janam. He is the commander of The Second Mage Company of Janam, including fellow soldiers Nakil and Hafin.



Asad's background is not deeply explored, but it is known that he must have joined the Magedom's army, and became a high-ranking general during his time there. It can also be said that he developed a crush with fellow Night's Veil commander, Chrodechild.

It is hinted in-game that Asad has a crush on The Blade's of Night's Veil's Commander, Chrodechild. Asad talks freely and kindly to Chrodechild, supports her and is always horrified whenever he learns that Chrodechild is in danger. He despised Mage Lord's plan to marry Chrodechild, telling to the other that Chrodechild would never give in. When Chrodechild told Sieg that she's not feminine enough to be the one who took the charge of the forces like Shairah do, he quickly told her that she's wrong about it.

It could be possible that most of the characters have figured this out, perhaps even Chrodechild herself. It has been confirmed that at least Liu and Roberto know this, but Sieg has (most likely) not caught onto this. Whenever a character suggests this, Asad denies it fiercely.


Asad is a dark skin tone young man with red hair and eye.


Asad is very loyal to his leader, and will usually follow orders without much hesitation. He respects his teammates, and is amazing on the battlefield. However, like Sieg, Asad is very rebellious to what he believes is wrong.



During the battle between The Order of the One True Way versus Sieg and his company. Danash VIII send Asad along with Chrodechild and brought their troops without warning to stop The Order's army.

After seeing that The Mage Lord was doing wrong, Asad left the Magedom and joined Viele Wege Company to continue assisting in the fight against The Order.

While in The Company, Asad assists in many battles and assaults.

Sieg, Asad, Manaril and Mubal go to the Magedom of Janam to warn it's people for the upcoming tragedy, but they were late and the Magedom vanish. All of Asad's family and friends vanish as well.

After the battle versus The One King, Asad became Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Mage Forces established by Chrodechild.

Role in the GameEdit


After serving the Magedom, Asad joins your company automatically.


Aside from being a strong magician he can also be a frontline fighter due to his strong physical attack.

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 537/537
MP 617/617
STR 189 MAG 214
PDF 129 MDF 214
SKL 149 SPD 169
LUC 109

Mark of StarsEdit


Weapon : Sword, Staff, Claw, Spear, Bow, Mace, Club
Armor : Garments, Robes, Light Armor
Accessory: Headwear, Capes, Footwear, Auxiliary

Unite AttacksEdit

Asad can perform Fancy Lads unite attack with Meruvis and Icas. Asad can also perform Mage Company unite attack with Nakil and Hafin.


108 Stars of Destiny
36 Stars of Heaven
72 Stars of Earth
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