Antitoxin is a recurring item in the Suikoden series.



Suikoden IIEdit

Suikoden IIIEdit

Suikoden IVEdit

Description: Recover from poison.
Gain in: Sell by Carrie/Item Shop.
Sell: 50 potch

Suikoden VEdit

Description: Cures the Poison and Venom status effects
Effect: It is used to help a character recover from poison. Comes in packages of three.
Gain in: Sol-Falena (Item Shop, Before the escape), Ceras Lake Castle (Shop)
Sell: 150 potch

Suikoden TierkreisEdit

Description: Bitter, dried medicinal herbs.
Effect: Cures Poison.
Gain in: Various Items Shops.
Sell: 50 potch

Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no TokiEdit

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