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  1. There are new parameter/slots that is open on every Characterbox they are the other names and aliases for more info visit Character Box page.
  2. Suikoden Wikia Community is still starting it's new chapter and it need's more people around. Please help making this community more lively as much as possible. We know it's hard but we can try...
  3. We accept Non Suikoden Images and Non Suikoden Videos but please be sure that you categorize it and you can only post it in your user profile or on the Forum.
  4. All the Photos and Videos that is not in used will be deleted, except for the photo's that is on the Suikoden Wiki, Badges and Rating Images category.
  5. If you saw a fan art gallery that is categorize as Suikoden galleries please change it into Fanart Galleries.
  6. Please as much as possible avoid creating duplicate pages if not needed. All the photos, pages, categories and templates had been categorize and organize. Please maintain the site... Because history might repeat itself...Thank You
  7. The Blog of Miss MoonlightSelenia is very interesting you can view it here.
  8. If you make new pages, new category pages, new templates and add a photo please be sure that you categorize it.
  9. Read the blog about Common Problems on Gallery Pages.
  10. Suikoden Tierkreis character profiles and Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century character profiles!! had been unorganized and are ready for editing.
  11. Wanted New Admin!
For more info visit: Admin Task
Interested or Have any question please contact the Bureaucrats.