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Tenken Star (Dagger Star)

Anji s

Portrait Anji03
Sprites Anji05Anji04
Japanese アンジー '
Status Alive (SI,V)
Unborn (SIV)
Unknown (SII,III)
Appears in Suikoden
Origin Lake Toran
Born IS 430
Age 24-28 (Gate Rune Wars)
Height ???cm
Relatives Unknown
Race Human
Position Lake Pirate
Former Liberation Army member
Attached Runes none
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Anji is the Tenken Star in Suikoden. Anji was a Lake Pirate at Lake Toran for years, and was a hated enemy of Sonya Schulen during the Scarlet Moon Era. He often did things to intentionally anger Sonya; for example, he once pinned up a wedding dress onto the walls of Shasarazade in order to make fun of the fact that Sonya was unmarried. After the Gate Rune Wars had ended, he was supposed to have started a business with his friends Kanak and Leonardo, but no one knows what happened with their business venture.


Gate Rune Wars (Suikoden) Edit

Before the Gate Rune Wars, Anji and his crew would do naughty things to anger Sonya Shulen, including at one point pinning a wedding dress on the walls of Shasarazade to make fun of her being unmarried. During the war, no one was safe, as Anji and his pirates kidnapped a girl from the Liberation Army in Toran Castle, requiring Tir and company to rescue the girl. Later in the company of Tai Ho and Yam Koo, who were acquaintances of Anji, they defeat the pirates and recruit them to the Liberation Army.

Post Gate Rune Wars Edit

After the war, Anji and his men are last seen trying to start a legitimate shipping business.


Recruiting Edit

After the castle is level 3 or higher, take Tai Ho and Yam Koo in a party to the Pirate's Hideout. Defeat the 3 pirates within 5 rounds to recruit them.

Character DetailsEdit

Unite AttacksEdit

Anji can participate in the Pirate Attack.


Attached RunesEdit

Recommended RunesEdit

Anji is a typical M range fighter, and does well with any physical rune.


Anji's a capable fighter, more so in the company of his crew.

Weapon Growth Edit

Weapon Growth
Name Demon Spear Demon God Spear Demon Army Spear
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 7 11 15 19 27 33 40 47 56 66 88 97 107 119 136 150


  • Head - Bandana
  • Body - Leather Coat
  • Hand -
  • Foot -


  • On the Saturn version, an event takes place where Anji, Leonardo, and Kanak kidnap a girl at random from girls recruited at that time from the castle, and Tir and company must go rescue the kidnapped girl.

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