Ancient Armes Dynasty

Ancient Armes Dynasty's Ruins

A mighty dynastic nation which held dominion over the modern-day nations of Falena, New Armes and Nagarea hundreds of years before the arrival of the mysterious Sindar race.

Utilising the power of the Sun Rune, the dynasty was extremely prosperous beyond compare. Until one fateful day when the Armes King suddenly and inexplicably went insane.

His madness caused the Sun Rune to go berserk, destroying everything in its path. The magnificent Armes Dynasty, the pinnacle of civilization, was gone in an instant. In its place lay only dry and barren wilderness, the Southern Continent was decimated. However, the power of the Sun Rune, embodying nutriment as well as destruction, took the wasteland and restored it as a fertile green land.

It is said that the capital of the Ancient Armes Dynasty was located near Amdort Mountain, in central Falena. The Big Hole, located nearby, leads to this city.

Although the people of the modern-day New Armes Kingdom claim to be descendants of the Ancient Armes Dynasty, there is no proof that they have any racial or cultural relationship to the dynasty whatsoever.

Jeane and Eresh both seem to have some connection to the Ancient Armes Dynasty, but in what fashion is currently unknown. The creature Shepcesska is rumoured to have once been the King of this dynasty.


  • Ancient Armes Dynasty is based off Early Ancient Egypt (6000 BC -  3100 BC).
  • Armes is of French origin and means "Arms".
  • It is necessary to recruit Jeane to enter the ruins. To visit the tomb and face the guardian of Armes, you need to recruit Eresh and complete her request.
  • There is a little trick that can be useful if player wants to have the opportunity to choose between Eresh and Euram after that Sialeeds kills Lord Barrow.
  • Eresh, Jeane and Zerase know what happened during the destruction of Ancient Armes Dynasty, however, none of them reveals much of their lives, and past events.
  • Ironically, the Sun Rune again would destroy the queedom of Falena, along with Nagarea and New Armes Kingdom, when Arshtat lost control.
  • It is unknown how the ancient ruins were buried, but possibly other true runes were involved in this.
    • When the player enters the ruins, it can see clearly, even though the ruins are buried.
  • After the destruction of Ancient Armes Dynasty, the Sun Rune was carried to Ashtwal Mountains, where the first queen of Falena found it.