Alma-Kinan Archers

Alma Kinan Clan archers during the Second Fire Bringer War

One of the less combative clans within the Grasslands, the Alma Kinan Clan is very much attuned to nature and has shamans who are able to communicate with the elements, much like a limited number of people within the Karaya Clan but on a far stronger scale.

The Alma Kinan Clan participated in the First Fire Bringer War on the side of the Flame Champion but since then had kept themselves isolated, surrounding their village, already located deep within the large Kuput Forest, with magic wards, making it inaccessible to the rest of the world. As such, by 475 the Alma Kinan had achieved near-mythical status amongst the other clans. The Duck Clan, in particular, appeared to hold the Alma Kinan, and the beauty of their members, in high regard.

In 475, the clan once again revealed itself to the world, participating in the Second Fire Bringer War, once more on the side of the Fire Bringer. Women warriors of the Alma Kinan Clan usually excel in the use of bows and similar weapons. Often, in their role as members of the Fire Bringer, Alma Kinan archers would use flaming arrows in battle.

A mystery surrounding the Alma Kinan is that only females live in the village, and the Alma Kinan method of reproduction is kept a strict secret.

Members of the Alma Kinan Clan include: Yuiri, Yumi and Yun

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