Alex is the Chisu Star in Suikoden II.



Alex is a treasure hunter and the husband of Hilda. Alex had a child to Hilda named Pete. They peacefully leaving at the White Deer Inn but, Alex wanted more for his wife and son.



When Riou and his party failed to enter the Muse City, they went to White Deer Inn and met Alex. Riou and Nanami tried to borrow Hilda and Alex entry permit but Alex will only lend the entry permit if Riou and his party help him to get the treasure in the Sindar Ruins at the back of the White Deer Inn.

Alex along with Riou and his party went to the deepest part of the ruins and defeated the Double Headed Snake. After defeating the Double Headed Snake, Alex hurriedly opened the box that lies in the Sindar Ruins. Instead of gold and jewels, Alex found a healing herb. In Alex disappointment, he throw it at the front gate of the Sindar Ruins.

When the party is at the White Deer Inn, they found Hilda who is sick and have a high fever. Alex was so worried and Riou and Jowy split up to find a doctor. Jowy could not find any doctor around, but Riou get the healing herbs at the front gate of the Sindar Ruins and gave it to Hilda. Hilda recovers after taking the herbs. Alex learned that he already found the treasure he was looking for and that was his family. In gratitude Alex and Hilda thanks Riou and his party and lend them the entry permit.

Later, Hilda and Alex move to South Window and met Riou. The couple and their son decide to settle down at North Window Castle after being invited by Riou. After the war, Alex and his family returned to white deer inn, but Alex can't seem to lose his "treasure-hunting" bug.

Role in the GameEdit


Speak to Alex and Hilda in the Inn at South Window after obtaining your castle.


Alex opens an item shop in your castle.

War BattlesEdit

Richmond InvestigationsEdit

  • Secret: #1

Name: Alex
Age: 36
From: Muse City
Position: Rearguard
Note: None

  • Secret: #2

"It sounds like he thought there was gonna be gold in those Sindar ruins. Tough luck."

  • Secret: #3

"He wanted to make Hilda's life easier, but he actually made it a lot tougher with all that adventuring. Well, that's his way of showing his love, I guess...."

  • Secret: #4

"He still hasn't given up on the idea of a Sindar treasure. Right now, he's tracking down some new leads."

Suggestion BoxEdit

  • Exciting news

Riou, I heard a new rumor about a burried treasure. When this war is over, let's find it together. Will split it 50 - 50. Is it okay?

Cook-Off IntroductionEdit

"He used to hunt for treasure, but now he needs strength for his job at the store. It's Alex!!!!"

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