Agnes is the Chifuku Star in Suikoden IV.



Agnes is a young woman who studied strategy under Elenor Silverberg. She assist and always keeping people away from Elenor.



During the Island Liberation War, Lazlo along with Hervey, Sigurd and Dario went to Hermitage Island to ask Elenor Silverberg to joined them on their fight against Kooluk Empire. Under the order of Elenor, she gave a wine with a drug to Lazlo and his party. The only person who is not being affected by the drug is Lazlo and it caused Elenor to give a test to Lazlo. After successfully passing the test. Elenor gave the antidote and she along with Agnes joined Lazlo on their fight.

On board on the Dauntless, Agnes continued to served Elenor and became her vice strategist during the Island Liberation War. After Tanya, joined the Island Liberation Navy, Agnes and Tanya developed a rivalry between them. After the war, she cleaned up Elenor's hermitage and she went to Scarlet Moon Empire to study.

Role in the GameEdit

Joins automatically with Elenor after the events on Hermitage Island.

Agnes has the healing ability in support position.

Naval Status
Captain No Gunner Yes Fighter No
Underlings 0
As Captain of the Ship
Mobility None Hull None Move None
Range None
If Defeated by Rune Cannon:
If Defeated by Bording or Surrender:
As Rune Cannon Gunner
Element Fire Water Lightning Wind Earth
Strength - 7 7 - -

  • Keen: You have done well by coming here. In this room, you may confess what is in your heart and accept proper judgement.

            Agnes: D-Do your worst, if you dare...

  • Keen: Would you secretly inform me about anyone on board this ship who you think is causing problems?

            Agnes: Let's see... Like that Tanya girl? The way she speaks isn't proper. She asks Lady Elenor questions all the time, but... Such ill-mannered speech is rude to use towards Lady Elenor. Can't anything be done about it?

  • Keen: Then, would you tell me what you think of Lazlo?

            Agnes: Sir Lazlo? Hmm... let me think... Well, Lady Elenor trusts him, so... I trust him also. I suppose that's about it.

  • Keen: Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or all the things that you are thankful for.

            Agnes: Let me think... Nothing in particular. I haven't done anything that I would need to apologize for.

  • Keen: Then, I shall pass judgement!

            Agnes: Yes! That's right! After all, I haven't done anything I should be ashamed of! Well, then, please excuse me.

            Agnes: Nooooo!!!!! Wh-Why?! Meaniiiieeee!!!!

If you have business with Lady Elenor, please come to me first. Lady Elenor is extremely busy. I appreciate your cooperation.

She came up to me and asked me to trade jobs with her... Unbelievable! What nerve!

I know that I still have a long way to go. I must work harder. Mr. Lazlo, I know we are on separate paths, but let us both work hard.

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