The Adonis Attack is a recurring unite attack in the Suikoden series. It usually involves a trio of attractive men from the 108 Stars of Destiny coming together to causing significant damage to the enemy.

Suikoden IIIEdit


The Adonis (Pretty Boy) attack deals 2.5x damage to one foe (said foe becoming berserk in the process) and can only be performed once per battle. In it Futch, Franz and Fred all look like they're about to cast a spell and as each one does their character icon appears. Then, all three dash throught the opponent from three different angles. At the end, there's a scene with a frosted screen and sparkles OOOOO......SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Required MembersEdit

SIII Franz Portrait
SIII Fred Portrait
SIII Futch Portrait

Non HumanEdit

The Adonis (Handsome Clan) attack deals 2x damage to one foe, then the foe becomes silent, this can only be done once per battle. In it Ruby makes a noise and its character icon appears, Bazba raise his Gride and his character icon appears and Sgt. Joe acts like he's about to cast a spell and his character icon appears. Then all three dash through the enemy at three different angles and then theres a scene of all three of them standing there with frosted screen and sparkles.....ooooo pretty.

Required MembersEdit

SIII Sergeant Joe Portrait
Sgt. Joe
SIII Bazba Portrait
SIII Ruby Portrait

Suikoden IVEdit

The Adonis Attack deals 1.2x total damage to one enemy. In it Helmut and Hervey form a ball of energy between their two swords and then Sigurd jumps and throws his throwing spike throught the middle of the ball. When the spike hits the enemy so does the ball of energy.

Required MembersEdit

SIV Hervey Portrait
SIV Helmut Portrait
SIV Sigurd Portrait

Suikoden TacticsEdit

Effect: Power 140
Special Notes: Centered on Coop
Enemy/Ally distinction: Yes
Delay until usable: Medium

Required MembersEdit

ST Andarc Portrait2
STactics Coop Portrait
ST Roget Portrait


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